Christina Hirachian

Christina has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. While a student at the University of Michigan, she started an independent retail business in 1996. The store quickly grew in popularity and was kept in the family for about 19 years. 

She came to work for the Parry Restaurant Group in 2005, after moving to Virginia. As the business has grown exponentially, she’s played a part in many roles, including administrative and financial and in human resources. Because of her work with human resources, she’s seen first-hand how the Parry team places people in positions where they can shine. 

Christina enjoys the challenge and excitement of this ever-evolving company. Her motto: “Whatever needs to be done is what I do.” She believes that with determination, failing is not an option.

Christina's son Alex graduates from the prestigious Maggie Walker Governor's School in 2018 and is looking forward to majoring in Political Science in college.