Patrick Daly

Multi-restaurant Manager

Patrick Daly has helped shape many Parry Restaurant Group establishments, including Waterstone, Shoemakers, Beamer’s 25, El Jefe, Bootleggers, Fire & Hops and Fry’s Spring Station. A “culture guy,” Patrick works hard to get everyone on the same page so they can “move forward together.”  He believes first and foremost in teamwork and putting people first.

Patrick met Stephan Parry in 2006 while in the midst of Patrick’s first entrepreneurial experience in Christiansburg. He saw Stephan’s leadership and sold everything and went to work for him. Patrick came to Lynchburg to help open Shoemakers in 2006 and has since helped to open one restaurant after another with the Parry Restaurant Group.  

His love of restaurants started when he was a young boy and grew after he attended Virginia Tech.  He decided to pursue his passion for hospitality and found a home for that in Parry Restaurant Group. Patrick, who hails from Long Island, N.Y., praises his Italian Mom for teaching him important lessons in hospitality and caring for others. He points to Stephan Parry as his life coach: “I owe my success in this business to my mentor Steve Parry. I appreciate the knowledge and experience he’s shared with me over the years.”

Patrick and his beautiful wife have two adorable daughters and a furry, four-legged best friend, a German shepherd named Kaizer.