Jamie Bryant

Regional Manager

Jamie understands the desire of every guest: to have a great experience. Whether they’re celebrating a birthday or having a salad for lunch with a friend, they have come to a restaurant for more than just a meal. That’s what first drew Jamie to work as a bartender and waiter and it is what motivates him as a manager.

From the ground level up, Jamie has seen first-hand how Parry Restaurant Group creates excellent experiences for customers. He began work in 2002 with PRG at the Downtown Grille in Charlottesville. From there, he became General Manager at Bookbinders Grill in Christiansburg, then Frank Beamer's American Grill in Hampton and 23rd and Main in Richmond. Jamie currently oversees restaurants in the Roanoke region.

Jamie, a Richmond native, spent four years in the Marine Corps before moving into the hospitality business. He appreciates how both organizations work toward a common goal and both have allowed him to use his strengths to grow and lead.