Mike Nevarez


Mike Nevarez  brings 30+ years of hospitality experience, excellent business skills, strong instincts, and fierce integrity to Parry Restaurant Group. This highly motivated, enthusiastic leader is also dependable and skilled in multiple areas, including human resources, accounting, and restaurant development.

Mike served as the General Manager at Vidalia, a popular Washington, D.C., restaurant for 14 years. Hired to take Vidalia to the next level, he helped to make changes that led to the restaurant being honored with Wine Spectator’s Award of Excellence six years in a row.

While at Vidalia, he also began supervising two other restaurants, where he was responsible for ensuring policies, procedures, and performance standards were followed. He ensured quality was maintained and excellence was pursued.

Mike holds a bachelor’s degree from George Mason University. During and after college, he worked in several prestigious Washington, D.C.-area restaurants.